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Social Media


Client: Urgo Group Vietnam
Project : Social Media Campaign
Year : 2020

Social Media Campaign, Brand Awareness, Art Direction

Healthcare group URGO that specialises in wound care, consumer health and new healthcare technologies. The challenges in Vietnam was to raise brand awareness about the brand’s product portfolio besides the already well-known wide range of band-aids. 


My mission was to develop a concept and art direction that was professional yet relatable and approachable for the Vietnamese market. The visual style incorporates the brand visual codes while still maintaining a friendly look and feel.


The concept, “Urgo has you Covered” plays on two ideas : one being a friend being there for you and says they have you “covered”, and the second on how a band-aid covers to protect your wound. This is why Urgo is that friend you can depend on to look after and protect you, so you need not be afraid to go about life without worrying.

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