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The Mekong Club


Client: The Mekong Club
Project : Awareness & Guides
Year : 2021

Animation Storyboard, Illustration, Brochure Design

The Mekong Club is a nonprofit organisation that focuses on combating modern slavery and human trafficking in Asia. They work with companies to identify risks of modern slavery in their supply chains. They are equipped through training, resources and tools to help implement ethical business practices and promote human rights in their operations.


The challenge was to highlight the benefits of membership with the organisation, and communicate about the different tools that were tailor-made for each industry and situation. This is the creation of 3 Membership Guides was tasked to me, to ensure the information was visual and easily digestible by it’s readers. I also handled the translation of these guides into Khmer for the Cambodian market. 


The second output was an explainer animated video in an illustrated vector style. The characters needed to represent diversity and the tone of film needed to be informative yet visually engaging.

Membership Guides for Different Services
Animated Explainer Video Storyboard & Video
Full Video
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