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Pluie x Priyanka

Collaboration — Print Design — Publication , 2017

Pluie is a kids apparel & lifestyle brand, celebrating the goofiness of childhood. In the world of Pluie, jackets have big pockets for storing treasures, dresses and skirts have volume for twirling around the garden and fabrics are gentle for rolling on grass. As a brand, they are outdoorsy, find peace when in nature and have a playful vibe.


To celebrate their love for plants, they came up with series of notebooks where the inside of each book would have a green page with a packet of seeds and an interactive activity for the owner of the book to keep coming to. This would in turn encourage others to spread their love for plants and plant the seeds.


They approached various illustrators and designers to express their love for plants, and create artworks for the notebooks. As Pluie is a soft kid’s brand, the brief included the use of muted toned colors, placing “#plantslove” and a keeping space for the owner of the notebook to fill in their name on the cover.


Write up of the artist: 


Priyanka Mehta is a graphic designer from Kolkata, who travels to draw inspiration by the things that surround her. She looks at this world as one big, beautiful planet for everyone to share and care for.


In her ever wondrous mind, the globe is one big potted plant and it needs loads of love and care from all of us collectively to grow into a beautiful being. It's this belief that led her to create a nurturing art for Pluie.

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