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Logo Design — Branding

Branding for a new venture by Phu Long Real Estate Corporation, Vietnam.

The LANDSAIGON logo is crafted to resemble the look like a Signature. The Signature is the well-recognized symbol of luxury, quality, and is a mark/stamp that is trusted. The logotype is arranged to represent Saigon’s cityscape of buildings rising up from the horizon. 

The ‘L’ and ‘S’ of the LANDSAIGON logo have been abstracted to create a dynamic shape that embodies the feeling of flow, energy and movement. Its curved edges give a sense of openness and warmth. This is contrasted with a condensed typeface that resembles the cityscape of Saigon, one that is recognizable with its modern buildings and tall skyscrapers. These symbolize foundation, stability and is an icon of the future. 

The carefully crafted logotype embodies LANDSAIGON’s love for Nature, where the details of the type are inspired by the delicate tendrils of plants. The Emerald jewel has been long associated to being the symbol of Hope and is considered by many to be the stone of prophecy. The green of the jewel embodies the look and feel of the logo is an organic, dynamic one that is ever growing. 

The ‘L’ and ‘S’ of LANDSAIGON were chosen to create a dynamic shape that draws inspiration from the perspective of the buildings that are inherently iconic of Saigon’s cityscape. The shapes are manifested of the sleek, ultra-modern, progressive and potent nature of LANDSAIGON, and become an icon that is recognizable and trusted.

Landsaigon Logos-04.jpg
Landsaigon Logos-03.jpg
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