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Lancome Vietnam

Client: L'Oreal Vietnam
Project : Brand Campaign
Year : 2022

Brand Campaign, Art Direction, Photoshoot, Video Production

Lancôme houses a wide range of beauty products, including skincare, makeup, and fragrance. The brand is emerging on the Vietnamese market, but has challenges to raise brand awareness, local relevancy to prove the suitability of products on Asian skin types and efficacy. We collaborated with Vietnamese TV personality Khanh Vy for the Advance Génifique Serum Campaign.

The campaign’s concept, “Strength Always Comes From Within”, refers to the layers of skin that the serum strengthens, hereby making the user stronger from within by activating their confidence. This serum is Lancôme’s #1 skincare product on the market, with visible efficacy in just 7 days packed in with beauty technology.

This is why the art direction is visualised through physical layers on Khanh Vy’s visual with the beauty tech elements. The campaign’s video too embodies this with the use of physical layers in the form of glass sheets in the scene.

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