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Hermès Retrospective Video 2020

Client: Hermès
Project : Animation Storyboard
Year : 2021

Conception, Illustration, Animation Storyboard

To showcase the year’s highlights, Hermès releases a retrospective video to pay tribute to the involvement of every employee for the brand’s success. In 2020, I conceptualised and illustrated the frames of the storyboard for this video. 

For the concept, as a tribute to Hermès being well known for their attention to detail and the know-how of their craftsmanship, we singled in on a simple element : the thread.


The thread made it possible to make the link between the past and the present, while still linking to the making of the product and symbolising the manual work. We used this image of a gesture linked to sewing and connected it with digital elements in order to establish the theme of the Innovative Gesture.


Using a single thread, we weaved a story inspired by the past and expressed the innovative vision of the brand. This thin, elegant and flowing line will be used throughout the video to tie the different chapters of the video together.

Full Video
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