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7UP Can Packaging

Packaging Design — Illustration

Festive can packaging for 7UP to celebrate the Lunar New Year or “Tết” in Vietnam.


The Firework Show is an important part of the Tết celebrations in Vietnam. This and combined with the lemon and the other important elements of Tết were illustrated to create a festive packaging that evokes the feeling of celebration.

It is common to see some interesting tile work in most South East Asian households and restaurants. Inspired by this, a geometric approach to creating abstract patterns combining the Tết elements and the lemon. This conveys the feeling of festivity with a modernized twist.



Lemons are often associated with the feeling of freshness, evoking the desire to dive into the pool on a hot day and sip on a cool drink. This feeling inspired the packaging for this can, combined with illustrated elements of Tết to create a modern, sleek and slightly premium look. 

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